US Coast Guard Cutter Rescue Swimmer

Coast Guard Cutter Rescue Swimmers have the potential to be the sharp end of any rescue action undertaken at sea. For this reason the Ocean Rescue Systems program prepares both Cutter and Small Boat swimmers for the realities of maritime rescue operations in any type of situation. Developed exclusively for the United States Coast Guard, this highly regarded training program continues to be the premier training venue for Cutter and Small Boat Rescue Swimmers in the country.

Ocean Rescue Systems has been awarded the Meritorious Public Service commendation from the US Coast Guard for developing and delivering this intensive and challenging training school.

Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer programs are regularly scheduled at several of our usual training venues, especially on the East Coast. Classes with slots still available are listed on the Calendar of Events. Most often, however, these programs are conducted 'on the road' at Group or Station facilities. In addition programs may be formulated at your request to be conducted at your location. We can conduct this training anywhere in the country.

US Coast Guard Cutter Swimmers in training: