Public Safety Rescue Boat Operations  (c)   

Rescue boat operations in breaking seas, strong currents and rocky shorelines are a challenge even to experienced and well trained boat crews. Add the urgency of response to reach persons or vessels in distress, plus the fine handling skills required to bring the rescue boat safely alongside persons in the water, and it should be clear that recreational boating experience is insufficient qualification to operate a rescue craft. All Ocean Rescue boat instructors run rescue boats as working members of Public Safety departments, have a huge background of experience in real world response and tactics, and are USCG licensed Captains. We can and will help you become the rescue craft operator you want to be. Note that all courses more than 3 days will include night sessions as well as full days.
Boat based rescue operations are a serious business, as they often take place in poor sea state and in the dark. Fine handling skills, navigational abilities and close team coordination are all essential to safe and effective rescue.
Tactical and response boat operations will require specialized training in recognition of suspicious waterside activities and a planned reaction to unfriendly intrusions. Patrol craft operations, whether to protect fixed assets or in escort of high value assets, include intercept, boarding and pursuit training.
Fast Rescue Craft Operations (Small Boat Rescue Techiques) (c)
     This 3 to 5 day program has been designed specifically for Public Safety boat operators, and is both demanding and comprehensive. Topics include: close quarter handling skills, high speed maneuvers, and search and rescue techniques. The standard 3-day version includes a night session as well. 
STCW 95 Fast Rescue Boats
     Designed to meet the requirements for commercial mariners per Table A-VI/2-2, Specification of the Miniumum Standard of Competence in Fast Rescue Boats. Refer to US Coast Guard site,  
Security and Patrol Craft Operations (Tactical Boat Operations for Law Enforcement) (c)
     A 3-day and 1 night training course for expereinced coxswains and crew of LE boats that have responsibility to protect high-value assets shoreside, escort and other denial of access patrol activities.This course is DHS approved and eligible for support by State/Federal DHS funds and Port Security Grant Program funds. Also listed with partner website at at   
Public Safety Boat Operations  (c)
    Developed for those authorities having responsibility for both rescue and law enforcement such as Harbormasters, Marine Patrols, Harbor Police and others. This program includes all materials from our Fast Rescue Craft Operations and Security and Patrol Craft Operations courses.
FAA/CAA In-Water Crash Response
    The Federal Aviation Administration has mandated that all federally regulated airports have the capacity to reach and rescue passengers from downed aircraft in the water per Advisory Circular 150/5210-13c. This intensive practical training involves boats, surface Rescue Swimmers, and many other specialized skills. The Ocean Rescue program is recognized and listed by the FAA. This program also satisfies the requirements of the international Civil Aviation Administration for wate rescue.